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World Playground II

Author John Cech
Air Date 8/23/2002

World Playground II Transcript

It’s American Dance Week, and if you doh-see-doh through almost any of our urban neighborhoods today, you’re likely to hear an astonishing mix of music pouring from the windows of homes, cars and personal stereos, and see people dancing to all sorts of rhythms, from the pulsing Columbian cumbia, like La Sonar Dinamita’s “A Mover La Colita,” (which loosely translates to “shake a tail feather”) that you’ve just heard, to the jazzy French-Canadian ho-down music of Barachois:

Brief sound clip 

These are some of the transporting sounds on “World Playground, Volume Two,” which has gathered together another group of remarkable performances from around the globe to continue the process of familiarizing children and their parents with the exciting range of music that is now, available to us all. Some call this hybridization, but whatever it is, it’s irresistible. I dare you, your children, your relatives, your dogs and cats, or anyone in your neighborhood to sit still while listening to the fusion rhythms of Baka Beyond from Cameroon singing “Adukbe” (“Ah-dook-bay”) — a song about tomorrow for the playgrounds of today:

Brief sound clip 

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