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World Party

Author John Cech
Air Date 2/3/2006

World Party Transcript

Brief Sound Clip:

It’s from a new CD from Music for Little People called World Party. And it takes the family from Morocco to New Zealand, from the Caribbean to Central Asia, where we listen in on this joyful song of friendship from Turkey called “Arkadasim” that features the drum called the darbuka; the flute, known as the “ney,” and the long-necked lute called the “saz.” But don’t let these musicological details distract you — this is all about the beat:

Brief Sound Clip:

And you won’t be able to keep from dancing in your chair or, better yet, on your own two feet, happily travelling with them for a few minutes, to Brazil, to Ghana, to Sephardic Spain, to follow the compelling rhythms of “My Dearest Daughter,”chanted before Columbus left for the west, while Jewish, Christian, and Islamic people all still lived in peace together there:

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