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Twice as Many Friends

Author John Cech
Air Date 9/27/2005

Twice as Many Friends Transcript

In the global village, it’s becoming necessary for us all to learn several languages — and in the United States today, that second language may well be Spanish. For children, acquiring some fluency in another language isn’t the problem that it is for many adults — the language centers of the brain are open to new sounds, in a way they aren’t later in life. Especially if those sounds come flowing in like this, from the Latin group, Sol y Canto on their recording from Rounder Records called Twice As Many Friends. Here’s a cumbia sample from the title song:

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Using a vivid palette of Latin musical styles and fluid, natural, bi-lingual dialogues, Sol y Canto offers songs about such things as the days of the week, numbers, and the kinds of simple sounds you can make with the musical instrument called your body:

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There’s kite-flying and paper boat sailing, contemplating a rainbow, and a song tribute to “Casa Planeta.”– the planet that is our house. I’d urge you to try out Twice as Many Friends with your children, so that we can all sing about zapatos together — it’ll be twice as much fun:

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