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To the Beach with Rolf Zuckowski

Author Jennifer Coenen
Air Date 6/23/2005

To the Beach with Rolf Zuckowski Transcript

Children love music and adults love music, but they rarely enjoy the same music. Rolf Zuckowski, a musician in Germany, bridges that musical generation gap. Anyone who has either grown up or parented in Germany during the past twenty-five years will recognize Rolf Zuckowski. He has been entertaining generations of families for almost three decades. His blend of mild vocals and simple acoustic melodies set the aesthetic background for lyrics about joyful family dynamics, holidays, and even everyday events that children find so exciting, like tip-toeing, good-night kisses, and even running around in the buff. His work appeals to children and adults because he entertains ideas about the joy of family life and all of the big and small celebrations that go with it.

In his 2002 compilation, Children Need Dreams, he emphasizes strong familial relationships with songs like “Nasenksse”, a possibly autobiographical ballad about a musician whose only audience was his daughter, and “Oma liebt Opapa” about the loving relationship between a little boy’s grandparents.

His songs about holidays and seasons are also some of the favorites.

“Wenn der Sommer kommt” reflects the anticipation of summer vacation and contains his repertoire of family interaction, nature, and seasons. It’s a carefree, whimsical song about leaving troubles behind to enjoy picnics on the side of the road, to see how many people can be stuffed in an inner tube, and to watch grandpa “sun his toupee.”

Brief Sound Clip:

With a little bit of comedy and a lot of rhythm, Rolf Zuckowski brings families together as he captures the pure joys of children’s lives and reminds their parents and grandparents what is really important.


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