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Time Capsules for Kids

Author Koren Stembridge
Air Date 12/20/1999

Time Capsules for Kids Transcript

Here’s Koren Stembridge, on the Internet.

As the new Millennium approaches, don’t miss a great opportunity to work with your kids on a project that will have meaning in the years to come. Before the clock strikes and the ball drops — you have just enough time create a time capsule with your family to mark the transition into the next century, and there are some great Internet sites to help you along the way.

Both Kids Domain and the LAC New York offer instructions on how to construct a simple time capsule using a large manila envelope or a cardboard shoebox-materials you probably have around the house. These simple capsules, stored in a cool dry place should last several years. Your fifth grader could design a time capsule to be opened on his first day of high school. Your middle-schooler’s capsule might be opened at her high school graduation. And high school students may want to create capsules to be opened an important milestone in their future, on their wedding day, for instance, or when they have children of their own.

For ideas about what to put in your time capsule, visit the Queens Tribune. Their brief history of the time capsule lists the items that were included in the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fair capsules. Children could include favorite drawings, photographs, and treasures in your capsule, along with copies of important records such as birth certificates, report cards, or awards–plastic archival sleeves will protect special photographs and other delicate items. Your children may wish to create a list of favorite things–favorite color, favorite song, favorite game, favorite pizza topping, favorite teacher –and ask them to write a letter to their older, future self with their dreams of what they hope they will become. When your child eventually opens this capsule, they should have a remarkably good snapshot of what they were like at this earlier age.

There are ready-made time capsule kits available online, such as the relatively inexpensive Millennium Family Time Capsule and the Baby’s Personal Time Capsule, an easy way for new parents to compile and store memories of a new baby. My personal favorite is the M&M’s Official Time Capsule, which comes filled with both suggestions and chocolate!

Finally, if you are REALLY ambitious, you may purchase high quality capsule canisters from Future Archaeology and Second Millennium Time Capsules–the kind you can actually seal and bury for 50 years.

Whatever form it, your capsule will be fun to put together now, and you are assured a remarkable experience when you open it at some point in your future.

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