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The Jasmine Flower

Author John Cech
Air Date 8/26/2002

The Jasmine Flower Transcript

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You’re hearing part of the traditional “Anthem of Parents” sung by the Beijing Angelic Choir from their recent CD, “The Jasmine Flower.” China is the source of the oldest text-book for young people — a series of examples of commendable behavior, taken from Confucian teachings, about the respect that children should show to their parents and ancestors. Along with honoring their ancestral heritage on this lovely collection, this amazing group of young singers also shows how much sheer fun exists in that music. Here, for instance, they come galloping over the steppes in the spirited Mongolian song “Eight Firey Horses”:

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There are lively melodies of celebration for harvest festivals and weddings, and fragrant odes to magnificent valleys and the jasmine flower of the CD’s title. There is even a Cantonese song about a rainy day. But who wouldn’t mind staying indoors, if you could be consoled by this:

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