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Sweet Honey in the Rock

Author John Cech
Air Date 5/17/2001

Sweet Honey in the Rock Transcript

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That;s the Washington, D.C. – based a capella group, Sweet Honey in the Rock, with the opening of the title song from their new CD for children.

The six amazing women who make up this Grammy-award winning ensemble are offering us here another dazzling experience in the sheer, pure beauty of the human voice, and what it can do when it isn’t overwhelmed by other instruments, when it combines itself generously with other voices, and when it has something important to say to us, whether we re seven or seventy:

There are songs here about a messy room and having to get up in the morning, and how adults have no idea about how a child spends his time. There’s a song about the wonders of nature, and a clapping song from Ghana, and three spirituals. But whatever the song may be on Still the Same Me, Sweet Honey in the Rock, will bring you shivers of delight and bring the hearts, young and old, in your household music to make them dance and laugh:

Brief sound clip 

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