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Author John Cech
Air Date 3/18/2005

Smoosh Transcript

There’s nothing really new any more about the phenomenon of kids playing rock “n”roll. It’s in the air all around them, and it’s part of the world and its rhythms that they’re tuning themselves to. But every once in awhile, a sound comes along that’s fresh and interesting and unlike the others. Like this:

Brief Sound Clip:

That’s the sister duo from Seattle, 10-year-old Chloe on drums, and 12 year-old Asya on keyboards. They call themselves “Smoosh,” and they’ve been getting a lot of air play lately, and buzz around Indie Rock circles. For good reason. Their music is in many ways original and uncompromising. It’s not like the processed, or cute sounds that are often used to artificially support music played by kids because, the adult thinking is, the kids can’t rock on their own. There’s nothing slick, over-produced, or especially commercial about what Smoosh is doing, and that’s why it rings totally true.

Brief Sound Clip:

Like their name, Smoosh is part smash, part woosh, part mosh, and all itself, only itself :

Brief Sound Clip:

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