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New Holiday Movies

Author Elaine Needelman
Air Date 12/17/1999

New Holiday Movies Transcript

Here’s Elaine Needelman, who’s been watching the media for us.

There is nothing better than going to the movies during the holidays. You can take a break from rushing around shopping, eat popcorn and spend some relaxing time with your kids. This is traditionally a time when a large number of new films are available–over fifty this holiday season — unfortunately for parents, though, most of these movies are aimed for adult audiences. One film suitable for the whole family is Stuart Little, which will be released on Dec. 17th. This film is based on E. B. White’s classic children’s book about a talking mouse born into a human family. Michael J. Fox provides Stuart’s voice, and the famous comic, Bill Irwin, the model for Stuart’s facial expressions. Stuart’s nemesis is the family cat, Snowball, who, of course, wants to eat him. Stuart manages to survive a number of hilarious and harrowing adventures to find the true meaning of friendship and family. It’s a dazzling film, a seamless blend of live action, computer generated images, and animatronics–in the winning style of films like Babe.

For older children there is the comedy GalaxyQuest , due out Dec. 25th, starring Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen. This is one for all Star Trek fans in your family. The film is about the cast of a popular sci-fi show similar to Star Trek who are bored out of their skulls with their roles — the costumes, the make-up, the story lines, the obligatory conventions they have to attend–everything. One day space alien fans of the show appear. They believe the actors are actually the characters they play on the program and request their help to save the galaxy from cosmic upheaval. Before they know it the actors are on a real space ship in outer space fighting evil aliens and doing their best to survive. This is a wonderful, goofy movie that pokes fun at pretentious actors, Hollywood, and all those ponderous sci-fi series.

Older kids will also enjoy Anna and the King, which will be in the theaters the week before Christmas. It’s a nonmusical retelling of the true story that was portrayed in The King and I. Jodie Foster stars as the governess, Anna, who is brought to Siam to teach the children of the king. The Hong Kong action star, Chow Yun-Fat plays the king in this big historical romance, with its sweeping action and beautiful scenes set in the exotic splendor of old Siam.

To end the holiday movie season on a high note, on Jan 1, 2000, Disney will release Fantasia 2000, a redone version of their classic animated film Fantasia with new and restored sequences. The original Fantasia was one of Walt Disney’s favorite films, and in this buffed and polished edition, it might turn out to be one of yours.

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