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National Chemistry Week

Author John Cech
Air Date 11/5/2001

National Chemistry Week Transcript

Brief sound clip 

You are hearing a little of “What is the Smallest Part” from a recent CD about chemistry produced by Kim Mitzo Thompson and Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand, the sisters of Twin Sisters Productions, who have been creating musical CDs for over a decade about some of the harder subjects in the curriculum, in an effort to win kids over to ideas and to careers that are a tad more demanding than joining the next girl or boy band.

Its National Chemistry Week, and you really couldn’t find a catchier way to introduce the subject than through some of the songs the Twin Sisters have included here. Just listen to the beginning of the one about compounds that starts out like a peppy love song you’ve heard a million times before:

You wouldn’t think that you could make up songs that kids might like about the experimental method or the periodic table of elements, but the Twin Sisters are trying to do just that and much more — they also make important melodies out of environmental concerns and the responsibilities of chemists and chemistry to be a part of those solutions. You can find out more about Twin Sisters Productions at — while your young investigator is listening to those catalytic questions.

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