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Moochas Gracias to Anna Moo

Author John Cech
Air Date 10/18/2002

Moochas Gracias to Anna Moo Transcript

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That’s the rich alto voice of Anna Moo with the lead song from her new CD, “Moochas Gracias.” Who would have thought of be-bop puddle stomping. It’s one of the inventive stylistic turns that the talented Ms. Moo takes on her recent collection of nine fresh, original songs.

How about a friendly tribute to the inimitable Bob Dylan, which has its own universal message about bobbing along, and getting along?

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And then there are two duets with the legendary Bo Diddley — one about how everybody seems to want to try out anything new that you might have, and one about that staple food of childhood, Peanut Butter. Every one of these songs is like the best P. B. + J. you’ve ever tasted. This is what music for children should always be — brilliant and delicious. Muchas gracias to you, Ms. Moo!

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