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Mia Hamm Rocks!

Author John Cech
Air Date 9/2/1999
Mia Hamm Rocks! cover

Mia Hamm Rocks! Transcript

Mia Hamm Rocks! is the title of a new book by Chloe Weber just published this summer in the wake of the American women’s soccer team’s dramatic penalty kick win for its second world cup. A victory that a lot of people are still talking about. This book might seem to be just another drop in the already full glass of media attention that the team and a number of its star players have received. But what’s so unique about it is that this “appreciation” of a spectacularly talented athlete was written by a New York City high school student who just happens to be a first-team, All-City soccer player at the same position that Mia Hamm has been such a dominant force at during her career. And from the beginning, Chloe Weber’s book has an engaging, athlete’s frankness: “I am not the world’s leading authority on Mia Hamm,” she tells us in her author’s note, “but I’ve been a fan of hers since I played with a #3 ball. So that’s the spirit in which I’ve written the book.” Indeed, the book isn’t, in fact, a biography of Mia Hamm at all, but rather an overview and a celebration of her career, beginning with her record-breaking run as a member of the University of North Carolina women’s soccer team. Chloe Weber also looks at the sport of women’s soccer itself (vs. the men’s game), and she traces in some detail the amazing success of the American women’s team, even before this summer’s competition. Mia Hamm Rocks! has a bold, jazzy design, with plenty of graphic energy and action photographs of Mia and her teammates that serve to showcase the sheer physical intensity of their play. It’s a book for all the budding soccer players in your family, boys and girls alike, and its especially valuable because of its no-nonsense insistence on regarding soccer as a team sport, in which even stars like Mia Hamm often make their most important contributions in ways that give others the all the glory. Mia Hamm Rocks! is also a book for all the aspiring young writers in your life, who have that yearning to someday see a book of theirs in print. Chloe Weber’s message to them seems to be pretty clear: follow those dreams as they arc in from the corner and head them right into the net.

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