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Marlo Thomas and Friends, Thanks & Giving

Marlo Thomas and Friends, Thanks & Giving Transcript

If you grew up with Marlo Thomas’ classic 1972 recording, Free to Be You and Me, and were waiting for a sequel, here it is — with Sheryl Crow to start things rolling:

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This anthem to our common humanity and the ties that bind us all together is from a new CD called Marlo Thomas and Friends, Thanks & Giving. The royalties from this recording go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that was founded in 1962 by Ms. Thomas’father, Danny Thomas. The central theme of this wonderful mix of songs, stories and poetry is about recognizing and finding ways to express our thanks (like Jimmy Buffet does in his “An Attitude of Gratitude”) and to show our generosity, which is sometimes easier said than done — as Ms. Thomas explains in her reading of a poem by Sarah Durkee that ends:

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What are pure acts of giving; how do we show our deep appreciation to others for the things, big and small, they do and that have true meaning in our lives; who are the people we really should be celebrating? These are the questions that bubble to the surface in the spirited performances of Ms Thomas’friends, who include Rosie Perez, James Earl Jones, Robin Williams, Faith Hill, Billy Crystal, and Hillary Duff. And perhaps, as Amy Grant and John Hiatt sing, it all comes down to simply thanking someone:

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