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John McCuthcheon’s WinterSongs

Author John Cech
Air Date 1/29/2002

WinterSongs Transcript

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That’s John McCutcheon singing about “New Boots” from his “Wintersongs,” CD. It’s the chilly part of his four-CD cycle called “The Four Seasons,” but you wouldn’t know it’s cold from the warmth of these lyrics. There’s a song that praises a favorite winter-time drink, “Hot Chocolate,” and another to celebrate that ambrosia of kitchen that sends McCutcheon into rhapsodic choruses:

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Each of these songs cooks with different ingredients and has its distinct flavor. Some are rocking, some are funny, some are pensive. But none of them dumb their music down to kids. McCutcheon is too respectful of children and too connected with childhood to do that. Rather, each of these songs is as fresh as the new-fallen snow, and as magical as the aurora borealis:

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