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John McCutcheon’s Summersongs

Author John Cech
Air Date 8/12/2005

John McCutcheon’s Summersongs Transcript

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That’s John McCutcheon with one of his tributes to the joys of summertime on his CD Summersongs from Rounder Records, another in McCutcheon’s CD cycle, The Four Seasons. Here kids go swimming and wait for the ice cream man, struggle with the power mower, and camp in the backyard. There’s even a jazzy, gravelly, bluesy number about the kid who hates summer:

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Every one of the terrific tracks on this CD is done in a different musical idiom, from ballads to classic rock, from the hop of reggae to the brass of R&B. And each style fits its subject to a T, like McCutcheon’s Celtic celebration of August’s annual Perseids meteor shower, the perfect finale for a summer night.

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