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Jack Johnson’s Curious George

Author John Cech
Air Date 3/13/2006

Jack Johnson’s Curious George Transcript

Brief Sound Clip:

It’s passing strange and a minor miracle in the annals of music for children’s films that this totally irresistible set of soul-tapping, acoustic delights would be teamed up with the new animated film version of those classic children’s stories about the irrepressible little trickster, Curious George. But we can use all the surprises we can listen to these days, and the music of singer/songwriter/surfer/filmmaker/environmentalist Jack Johnson and his friends won’t disappoint. Here’s how they can turn the city. . . into a playground:

Brief Sound Clip:

What can I say? These are magic songs. And you’ll play them long after you’ve seen the movie with your kids. And, if you’re like me, you’ll probably have an extra CD in the car, to keep that warm breeze of a mood flowing through your days, whispering through your windows as you drive along some country road about how it’s “Supposed to Be.”

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