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I’m From Barcelona

Author John Cech
Air Date 1/12/2007

I’m From Barcelona Transcript

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I’m From Barcelona is one of those bands that just happened one day, and grew, adding toy pianos, kazoos, glockenspiels, a harp, drums, and a chorus of a dozen or so voices as it went. Its songs are often about the simple but personal things of childhood — like having a stamp collection.

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The irrepressible, “do-it-yourself” sound of the We’re From Barcelona is cobbled together from a dozen different groups — the Beach Boys, the early Beatles, even the Partridge Family, the Monkeys, and inevitably, ABBA, with just a soupcon of grunge and an accordion thrown in for good measure. There are songs about being late, about childhood illnesses, including first love, and the pressures, the inescapable pressures of growing up. These experiences of childhood and early adolescence are delivered without apology or irony.

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