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Hunter’s Moon

Author John Cech
Air Date 10/10/2000

Hunter’s Moon Transcript

The full moon is on its way this week, and if you’re looking for some music that catches the moon mood, you might try “moonfinder” by the Dreamsisters, Molly Conole and Nancy Waldman, two Orlando, Florida, based, award-winning singers and musicians.”Moonfinder” is a gentle, tranquil, beautiful gathering of music and poetry, stories and songs that range from Ellington to de Falla, from Robert Frost o Lennon and McCartney, from the Auvergne to Mary Pope Osborne’s lyrical picture book, Moonhorse, which is set to a piano sonatina by Maurice Ravel.

This eclectic mix of the familiar and the obscure, the close and the far away couldn’t be more surprising or more wonderful. When was the last time you heard this chorale of profound ease from Scott Joplin’s opera, “Treemonisha””

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And then there is that short, wordless song of utter perfection, the “Humming Chorus” from Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly” — what a thing to dream on:

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And the Dreamsisters have balanced this with the grounded measures of “Videvisan” — the Swedish “Willow Song”:

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Vibrating with the willows is th achingly tender Indonesian lullabye, “Suliarm”:

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I can’t imagine a better way for a child or an adult, or a child and an adult to spend an evening — listening and driftin, from the earth to the moon …..

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