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Greasy Kids Stuff

Author John Cech
Air Date 10/13/2004

Greasy Kids Stuff Transcript

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If you’re tired of hearing the same old, same old, super-sweetly processed children’s music played by grown men dressed up as lip-syncing pirates, then just maybe your family is ready for the music you’ll find on Greasy Kid Stuff 2 a genre-blurring compilation of — well, let’s call them — children’s songs with techno, grunge, punk, club, and retro sounds like the one you’ve just heard from Kenn Kweder which gives new, edgy energy to the familiar idea of a counting song. The Kabalas update the theme for the TV show, “Underdog,” and R. Stevie Moore covers an old Captain Kangaroo tune, “Horse in Striped Pajamas”

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They Might Be Giants weigh in with “What is a Shooting Star?” and The Mr. T. Experience and Benna both add songs from Schoolhouse Rock. This truly unruly, truly unusual recording is definitely an acquired, eclectic taste — like Fatcat’s and Fishface’s alternative birthday song, which goes something like this:

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