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“For the Kids”

Author John Cech
Air Date 5/20/2003

“For the Kids” Transcript

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That’s Steve Page and Ed Robertson singing “La La La La Lemon” from For the Kids, a compilation CD, a portion of the proceeds from which go to benefit the Save the Music Project that is dedicated to helping restore music education in the public schools. It’s an important cause, and one well worth singing for, and listening to. How can one resist the sheer fun of Cake doing “Mahna Mahna” or the energy of Billy Bragg and Wilco with Woody Guthrie’s “My Flying Saucer” or Sarah McLachlan’s moving, swirling version of “The Rainbow Connection.”

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There are a dozen other songs in a dozen other styles, by a dozen other well-known musicians, and each is a small homage to some part of childhood, the way we adults remember or imagine it, or the way kids are living it today. Even Tom Waits has something surprisingly tender to sing on the subject:

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