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Dream Songs, Night Songs, from Mali to Louisiana

Author John Cech
Air Date 10/6/2006

Dream Songs, Night Songs, from Mali to Louisiana Transcript

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That’s an evening song from Mali called “Makun.” It’s on an award-winning, gorgeous new collection of lullabies called Dream Songs, Night Songs, from Mali to Louisiana from the Canadian label, Secret Mountain. There are more than a dozen other stops along the way on this journey, from Costa Rica to Japan to Australia, from the bayou of Louisiana to the rivers of fantasy that flow through the nurseries of Poland.

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The recording comes with complete translations of these traditional songs, and it has also been published as a picture book, with illustrations to accompany the music. But you don’t really need anything to amplify the pure experience of these songs. In the ancient Middle East, where the word for lullaby comes from, cradle songs were meant as protective charms, to guard the sleeping child, to enfold them, to rock them, in timeless music — like this.

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