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“Down in the Backpack”

“Down in the Backpack” Transcript

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That’s the New England singer and storyteller, Bill Harley, with a tune that will resonate for most kids, their folks, and their teachers about the object that has become a presence in schools today– much to the chagrin of parents and pediatricians. There are now whole sections in those mail order catalogues that we get every day that are devoted to the color, pattern, and logo intricacies (and the technology) of the school backpack. Some of them are actually carry-on suitcases, mounted on in-line skate wheels, with roll-along handles, ready for the long journey of education

Harley captures perfectly the world that kids inhabit today on this witty, clever, high energy CD, which is titled, Down in the Backpack. With a group of children helping him with the vocals, Harley visits subjects that are close to kids’everyday concerns and to their hearts — from the giddy delights of playing with words to what it really means to play with others, from that favorite food, macaroni and cheese, to the total, soul-stirring joy of finding yourself in sync, in harmony with everything else:

Brief sound clip

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