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Category: Television

Ah, Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo, the Muppets and the Teletubbies. Where would modern American childhood be without these programs and many others? The past 50 years brought us a golden age of television for children and young people and our stories tried to cover the energy and originality of these programs.

Two Yellow Kids

It’s a wonderful coincidence that one of the early practitioners of the comic strip, Richard Felton Outcault, should have been born on the same day, today, in 1863, on which The Simpsons animated television show would premiere, over a century later, in 1990.

First Child Poets

What you’re hearing is a child making his first poems — squealing with delight at the sound of his own voice, rhyming sounds, endlessly repeating what he decides will be his choruses, singing his couplets with his whole little body.