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Category: Music

The first musical instrument was most probably a flute, made from an animal bone. The oldest of these flutes is from 43,000 years ago. But music itself – chants, songs, incantations – is much, much older. Our stories look at music in its many forms, ancient and modern, and from many cultures.

Bright Spaces 2

That’s Jerry Garcia and David Grisman with their nonsense song, “Hopalong Peter.” It’s on a new CD called Bright Spaces 2, a compilation of songs from growing artists who are redeveloping that new/old genre that’s called family music.

A Belated Musical Valentine

The two-man rock group, They Might Be Giants, has made clever, vocabulary- and imagination- expanding grooves a signature of both their music for adults and for children. Their valentine to high-energy optimism that you’ve just heard is called “Happy Doesn’t Have to Have an Ending.”

I’m From Barcelona

I’m From Barcelona is one of those bands that just happened one day, and grew, adding toy pianos, kazoos, glockenspiels, a harp, drums, and a chorus of a dozen or so voices as it went. Its songs are often about the simple but personal things of childhood — like having a stamp collection.