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Bright Spaces

Author John Cech
Air Date 8/26/2005

Bright Spaces Transcript

Most of our children are usually able to play in protected spaces — somewhere in our homes, neighborhoods, and schools. But for young people who are living in homeless shelters, a place for play is often non-existent or make-shift at best. The non-profit Bright Horizons Foundations for Children is concerned with creating what they call those “bright spaces” where kids in shelters will have access to play areas that are fun, educationally stimulating and, above all, safe. They have some good folks helping them out with this effort who have contributed their musical talents to a CD called Bright Spaces; the proceeds from which go to this program of play-space building. The list includes Ziggy Marley, Arlo and Woody Guthrie, Raffi, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and refreshing voices, like Dream Project, doing an “Old MacDonald” that truly soars:

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