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Banana Slug String Band

Author John Cech
Air Date 3/10/2006

Banana Slug String Band Transcript

Brief Sound Clip:

That’s just a little tune about six-legged insects from “No Bones Within.” It’s on one of the band’s nine CDs called Singing in Our Garden. The Banana Slugs are a group of four singer-songwriter/educators who banded together twenty years ago, when they were working in summer camps in the Santa Cruz area, to perform up-tempo, environmentally-conscious music that one critic has referred to as eco-tainment. They perform at fairs and rallies and concerts, and they bring a simple, accessible, user-friendly message to everything they do. If you check out their website (at , you’ll discover that they’ve developed a nifty array of workshops with curriculum materials that they tour to schools around the country. Their songs are all natural. They touch on subjects like giant kelp, air and water cycles, fungii and bacteria, the essence of tree-ness, and the wonders of roots, stems, and leaves. Witty, thoughtful, dedicated, and totally kid-based, they’re what we wish every science class could be. Just listen to what they can do over lunch.

Brief Sound Clip:


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