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Arbor Day in the Jungle

Author John Cech
Air Date 4/25/2003

Arbor Day in the Jungle Transcript

Brief sound clip

You’re at the beginning of a long, auditory journey brought to you by the composer and sound poet, Michel Redolfi, with percussions by Steve Shehan, flutes by Luc Martinez, and voicings by Adam — from a striking collaboration of visual and acoustic art called Jungles. This experience takes the form of a book, the wordless text of which is provided by the remarkable French artist, Herve di Rosa. The book folds out into one twelve-foot long panoramic picture of a magical forest, done in di Rosa’s uniquely intense, richly colored, abstract style — that is part cartoon, part dream vision. Di Rosa provides a page of stickers of the characters who are embarked on this vibrant voyage — so that the children who are reading this book can move these creatures through a landscape of fluorescent fauna and iridescent trees and vegetation, making up their own adventures to go with the pictures and the music. Jungles is a tone poem of visual and sonic melodies– alive with dancing drops of water and insects, with scurrying animal sounds, with mysterious rhythms that appear, shake themselves and vanish back into the radiant, pink trees. And it’s the most amazing children’s book you’ve ever seen — or heard.

Brief sound clip

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