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Anna Moo’s “Holy Cow”

Author John Cech
Air Date 4/30/2003

Anna Moo’s “Holy Cow” Transcript

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That’s Anna Moo, with part of “I Am One,” sung in Manadarin Chinese, from her Parents Choice award-winning CD, “Holy Cow!” — “Holy Songs for Children, a Multi-cultural Celebration of Friendship, God, and Spirit” (from Good Moos Productions in Newberry, Florida).

Tomorrow has been designated as a National Day of Prayer — but, of course, prayers have a way of spreading themselves across calendars and time zones. And in her collection of songs on this CD, Anna Moo also gracefully crosses cultures, continents, and belief systems as well, to present us with music that is both serious and joyful at the same time, and in the same breath. She brings her gentle, non-denominational songs to her listeners in languages and rhythms from Africa, Greece, and Brasil, where some children help her to ask some bossa nova questions:

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We journey to Israel for a song in Hebrew, with Klezmer riffs, that tells us, “The prayers of the people are a song to God.” And we travel to the mountains of Peru, where God lights the darkness. If you wish to somehow specially mark this day of prayer with your children, Anna Moo’s music may offer you just the right notes.

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