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American Lullaby

Author John Cech
Air Date 11/11/2003

American Lullaby Transcript

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That’s the Moonlighters with part of their “Resophonic Lullaby,” from a new CD called “American Lullaby — Folk, Country, Gospel & Old-Timey Bedtime Songs.” It’s a collection of both traditional and recent music from artists like Sweet Honey in the Rock, Maria Muldaur, Suzy Thompson, Bill Staines, and Mulebone. There are mountain tunes, hobo, creole, cowboy (and cowgirl) melodies, and even Elvis’s quintessential, “Love Me Tender,” which is just about one of the best modern cradle songs there is. Sometimes the lullabye really doesn’t need words at all, like David Grisman’s “Song for Two Pamelas”:

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If your youngsters (or you!) haven’t been rocked to sleep lately with old favorites like “Home on the Range” or “Hush Li’l Baby,” here’s a chance for a weary head to rest and drift away, to that place of peaceful slumbers:

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