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Month: March 2006

The Planet Sleeps

There are many CDs on the market of lullaby music for young children, but The Planet Sleeps, is one of the best — from its dream-like cover art to its selection of sixteen songs from the global village.

Yeehaw Junction

Lots of cars are on the interstates these days, heading down to Florida for an early taste of the warm weather to come up north. And that has Barry Stewart Mann thinking about an eventful, or should we say a place-full, trip that he took once upon a time to Florida.

Jack Johnson’s Curious George

It’s passing strange and a minor miracle in the annals of music for children’s films that this totally irresistible set of soul-tapping, acoustic delights would be teamed up with the new animated film version of those classic children’s stories about the irrepressible little trickster, Curious George.